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Kellie Souza
Love it!

Purchased this for my husband for his birthday. It does deliver as promised and is so cool! The ice is clear, the monogram looks great, and the ice spheres melt slowly. Yes, it does only make 2 ice spheres at a time, but it is a great size for the freezer in our refrigerator, and you can make two, freeze them and then make 2 more. Other than the freezing process, it really doesn't take any time at all.

Patricia Beaudoin
More than 5 stars

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE my clear ice machine 👏was well worth the wait.

Kim Uhl
Not worth the effort

While the concept of clear monogramed ice is attractive, this product could have used a bit more engineering. It is quite difficult to remove the silicone mold from the insulated housing once the ice has hardened. Add to that the time it takes to make two fully frozen ice balls and it begs the question as to whether the effort is worth it. I won’t be using it very often, if at all.