The #1 Customized Product To Buy This Black Friday

The #1 Customized Product To Buy This Black Friday

You love deals, and there are plenty of good deals out there on Black Friday, but do you know what makes a good deal into a GREAT deal?? I'll tell you...

The thing is, a great price on an only ok product isn't going to make the cut. What use is saving money if you don't love the thing you're buying in the first place?

No, instead you have to find a GREAT PRODUCT at a GREAT PRICE... now THAT is the secret to finding a GREAT DEAL this black friday.

Personalized Products Aren't *ALWAYS* Great

Have you tried socks with your dog's face on them? Sure they're cute... but they aren't exactly comfortable and cozy. Monogrammed drinkware? Yeah they are cool, but soon enough you're going to end up with a whole cabinet of mismatched glasses you never use.

Yeah personalized products are not always great, but there are a few exceptions. Those exceptions balance a few key elements that result in a stellar product: Quality, Practicality, Personalization.

The Siligrams Ice Tray: The Best Personalized Product to Pick Up This Black Friday!

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 Why is The Siligrams Ice Tray a GREAT personalized product? It's pretty simple.

1. Its High Quality. No, Like... Really High Quality.

Siligrams does not mess around when it comes to quality. They use 100% USA made platinum silicone that has some amazing material properties.

First of all, it will last forever. It's ultra durable and is designed to withstand decades of use. There's another key element to this wonder material though, and it comes down to flexibility. You see, Siligrams platinum silicone remains soft and malleable even when frozen. That means that getting your cubes out is wonderfully easy. These ice trays really are a JOY to use.


I mean everybody uses ice, but that lame stuff you get out of plastic ice trays or even your freezer's ice machine, it melts too quickly and the shape is just kind of, bleh. Instead of putting some half melted crescent shaped cubes in your drink, imagine a large, dense, chiseled cube, formed in the perfect size to minimize melting while making your drink look spectacular.

3. It's Personalized... How Cool Is That!?

Yeah, the reason we're all here. This is how you take an already awesome ice tray that makes super cubes and take it to the next level. I mean why not have your monogram, logo, or a funny catchphrase on ice? Ultimately it's a novelty, but sometimes novelty is awesome. It adds a personal touch to an otherwise great product. Did someone say you were #winning at gift giving this year...?

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