5 Reasons Personalized Ice Trays are the ULTIMATE Fathers Day Gift

So you're looking for the perfect gift... and you're not alone. Gone are the days of giving someone a card and getting away with it. You've got the internet at your fingertips after all. A great gift these days depends on a little bit of creativity, and that means... yeah you gotta put in some effort! Don't worry though, you're in just the right place to help you find the perfect present!

The secret is Personalization! It's pretty simple: you take an otherwise standard gift, and you customize it to the person you're giving it to. And when they open the gift? It's that unique personalized element that brings a nice big smile to their face.

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So what to customize... that's the question! Well this is where you out your brain to the test to figure out exactly what they would like. But if you're already here you probably already know that your special someone is a cocktail lover... enter the Siligrams Ice Tray!

So why does the Siligrams ice tray make the perfect gift? Instead of one reason, let me give you five!

1. It's customizable!

The Siligrams ice tray is the best selling customized ice tray of the year, and one of the main reasons is due to the high degree of customization available. You can add up to 2 lines of text in any of our standard fonts, and each cube can be customized separately! Want to go for initials or a monogram? No problem. Name, date or funny catchphrase? We've got you. You can even upload a custom graphic or logo!

Take a look at the following design a customer made for their wedding. Does it not look amazing?

Check out the Siligrams Ice Trays Here

2. Highest Quality 

The Siligrams ice tray is made from high quality platinum cure silicone. Not only is it ultra tough, durable, and made to last for years and years of use, but it's also flexible and easy to use. This makes cube removal easy, even when the whole thing is frozen solid! It was made for the most serious home bartenders in mind. 

3. Made in the USA!

The Siligrams ice tray is made in Massachusetts by a team that proudly prioritizes quality. Not only will the quality of your ice tray be impeccable, the customer service is amazing too! We take pride in responding to all inquiries in a timely manner!

Check out the Siligrams Ice Trays Here

4. It ships for FREE!

Customized products often take a while to make but we make it a focus to ship orders ASAP. Siligrams orders typically ship in about 2 weeks, and only take a couple days more to reach you!

5. The Recipient will LOVE it

Probably the best reason to buy any gift... that the person receiving it will love it! If you have someone passionate about liquor and/or cocktails, you've got to get them a Siligrams ice tray. They'll look down at their drink and remember you with a smile on their face for years to come.

Check out the Siligrams Ice Trays Here