Personalized Ice Cubes to BOOST your Cocktail Game

Personalized Ice Cubes to BOOST your Cocktail Game

So you love cocktails... I mean, who doesn't?? But taking your drink from a simple spirit and chaser to a boozy work of art isn't always easy! There's a reason some of the best mixologists train for many years to become the best.

But not every trick in the book is hard to pull off, and some don't require any extra work at all. A super easy way to make your evening libation extra special is a personalized ice cube!

custom ice cube

WHY NOT add a super unique personal touch to your beverage of choice? You're adding ice anyways... might as well include a high quality perfectly sized cube to cool your drink, prevent it from watering down too quickly, and show off a custom monogram, name, date, or even logo?

The great thing about custom ice cubes is they are super easy to make with Siligrams Custom Ice Trays. You can design your own with a nifty live preview at the link below.

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These personalized ice cubes are designed to be the perfect size and shape to compliment your drink. That's because different shape ice cubes will melt at different rates, and affect how it feels to take a sip.

There's also the consideration of shape relative to the shape of your glass. Serving up an old fashioned in a rocks glass? You might want to consider a single larger cube. What about a Tom Collins in a highball glass? I'd go for 2-3 medium ice cubes stacked to the top of the glass.

The great thing is that Siligrams cubes come in different shapes and sizes so you can get the exact drinking experience you are looking for!

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Want to know something else great about the Siligrams Ice Tray? It makes an amazing gift for your home bartender loved ones! Not only is it super high quality, made in the USA, and designed to last for years, but it's also a really thoughtful gift. That's because you can personalize it with your loved one's initials, name, a funny catch phrase, or even a custom graphic!

So whether you're looking to up your cocktail drink game, or perhaps you're just in search of a super thoughtful high quality gift, get started designing your very own Siligrams custom ice cube tray now!

What makes Siligrams Ice Trays unique?

Uniquely personalized and made to order
Multiple sizes to fit your glass perfectly
Designed for the cocktail enthusiast by making perfectly sized high quality ice cubes
Durable yet flexible so cubes are super easy to remove when frozen
Made in the USA and ships fast to your door

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