Five tips to up your Ice Cube Game

Five tips to up your Ice Cube Game

We're almost 2 years into this pandemic, and you wouldn't be the only one to sharpen their at-home bartending skills during that time. I mean if you can't enjoy a quality adult beverage as easily while out on the town, why not do it at home?

So naturally you've expanded your liquor cabinet, as well as your knowledge about the art of mixology. And while you're cocktail game has without a doubt kicked itself up a notch, there's still something off about your carefully crafted drink: 

The Ice!

Ice is an important part of many cocktails, and makes up a significant part of the drink. That means that the ice cubes you use deserve as much attention as the other components of your weeknight libation.

Nobody wants cloudy, ugly, bad tasting ice watering down their drink. So without further ado, here are 5 tips you can implement to drastically improve your cocktail ice game.

1. Start Pure

Ice is made from water, I don't have to tell you that... right? But good ice isn't just made from any type of water, it's made from pure water. How pure you ask? Well the purer the better!

The best stuff to use is going to be distilled water. Distilled water is the purest form of water out there, as its free of any minerals, or contaminants. It will be free of any flavor, meaning you won't be altering the flavor of your drink. It's also cheap and readily available. Generally you can find distilled water for less than $2 per gallon in your local grocery store.

2. Clarity is King

Nobody wants white cloudy ice! It doesn't look great, and because of that, your brain will trick you into thinking your drink doesn't taste as great. Ask any professional chef or mixologist, and they will tell you that presentation is half the job...

And while appearance matters, having very cloudy ice probably also means that you're not using pure water. Remember the first tip? Following that advice will help you get clearer ice as well. Interested in learning more about clear ice? Read our comprehensive article on this specific topic.

3. Size Up

Different cocktails are served in different glasses, and with that, require different sized ice cubes. Generally speaking, you're going to want to use the biggest cube size you can that fits your glass. This is because the larger the ice cube, the slower it will water your drink down. This has to do with the ratio of surface area to volume... maybe you can ask your local mathematician to explain it to you one day. 

So if you've ever wondered why fancy cocktail bars serve drinks with large ice cubes, that's why!

4. Shape Matters!

The shape of your ice can have significant implications on your drinking experience. Different shape ice cubes will melt at different rates, and affect how it feels to take a sip.

Remember that thing about the surface area to volume ratio? Well shape can affect that too! Spherical ice cubes have the lowest surface area to their volume, meaning they will melt the slowest. Crushed ice is the opposite and will melt the fastest.

There's also the consideration of shape relative to the shape of your glass. Serving up an old fashioned in a rocks glass? You might want to consider a single large sphere or cube. What about a Tom Collins in a highball glass? I'd go for a long stick shaped ice cube that runs along the inside of the entire glass, or 2-3 medium ice cubes stacked to the top of the glass.

5. Take it to the next level with personalization!

You put your own spin on your drinks by using an infused liquor, or adding a special garnish, but when it comes to your ice, it's bone standard...until now!

That's right, why not personalize your ice cubes with your monogram, initials, name, or even a custom logo! This is now possible with the Siligrams Personalized Ice Mold Collection, which offers several different shapes and sizes of ice molds with the unique option to personalize.

Siligrams ice trays are built to last, and are made using the highest quality US made silicone meaning they are certified food grade and will last forever. They also make it really easy to personalize with an easy to use live preview tool, which will show you what your mold will look like before you order it.

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Hopefully this article has been helpful for the budding mixologists out there. If anyone ever asks what the most important parts of a drink are... don't forget the ice!