The Siligrams Origin Story

Ben and Clay have a close working relationship that extends back to high school, when they rowed as the bow pair on their high school crew team and built wacky, award winning Rube Goldberg machines together. After college, they reunited in Baltimore where Clay had invented a consumer medical device, but was stretched thin trying to launch it on his own. Ben, who was working in operations consulting, saw an opportunity to join forces, and together they launched the product and built a successful brand.

In the midst of the pandemic, they noticed the popularity of a local cooking enthusiast group and started producing small-batch silicone kitchen molds modeled after Baltimore’s iconic characters and architecture. The response was overwhelming, and they refined their production process to create products with more mass appeal: personalized molds for ice cubes, soap, candles, and chocolate. They dubbed their creation Siligrams, a portmanteau of silicone and monogram. They have since moved production out of a basement in Baltimore and into a larger facility in the Boston area; assembled a skilled and dedicated team; and launched several new product lines. The company has grown rapidly, creating American manufacturing jobs while empowering people to express their creativity and shape memories at home.