Nail That Thoughtful Gift For The Man Who Has Everything

Nail That Thoughtful Gift For The Man Who Has Everything

The Problem

Between birthdays, valentines day, Christmas, ect, gift giving can feel tedious to get right. And when it comes to the guy in your life who has everything already, it's not easy to WOW him with just anything.

When it comes down to it, you need to get creative... but that's not always easy.

The Solution? A Personal Touch.

You see, if the man in question needed something in his life, or really wanted it, he would probably buy it himself. So even if you get him that thing he's been asking for, the element of surprise won't quite be there. In other words, you're not going to sweep him off his feet with your gift giving savviness.

That's where one key element of the gift can really save the day: personalization. It's the secret to injecting thoughtfulness into pretty much any gift.


Why Personalize?

It's pretty simple. Adding a personal touch accomplishes a few things:

1. It shows thoughtfulness

That's right, gifts should be thoughtful! Ever hear the saying "it's the thought that counts"? If you personalize a gift, it may not be much more work for you, but it shows you put thought into it. That makes the gift more special even beyond the physical thing you're giving, and he'll love it more because of that.

2. He would never buy it for himself

Let's be real, would your guy ever buy something with his monogram in it for himself? What about an inside joke or a special date like a birthday or wedding? Those are special things with special memories around them, and incorporating them into gift giving allows you to rekindle those memories together.

3. It WILL surprise him

Yeah, that's right! The element of surprise is so important if you're looking to give a gift with maximum effect. By giving a personalized gift, you've doubled the layer of intrigue and surprise around the gift. Not only do you have the item itself, you also have the personalized element to it. It'll blow his mind!

4. You'll enjoy the memories for years to come

A new grilling set becomes just a grilling set pretty soon. A new tool bag? Same thing. But a high quality and thoughtful personalized gift? The personalization will stay with him for years and years. He'll remember that birthday or holiday, and the people he shared it with every time he uses it.


So What Gift Should You Personalize?

Well let's break this down. You want to give your guy a uniquely personalized gift, but you want it to be something that he'll actually use, will last for years, and isn't just a gimmick. That's where the Siligrams Ice Mold comes in.

You see, Siligrams makes super high quality silicone molds in their studio in Massachusetts using only USA sourced materials. Their most popular products are their unique cocktail ice cube trays, and they make it super easy to personalize them with initials, names, dates, phrases, graphics, and even emojis right on their website.

Not only that, but each of the four ice cubes can be customized separately! That means you can quadruple the personal touch of your gift in one go! That's pretty stellar.

Each time your man looks down into his drink, he'll be reminded of the thoughtful gift he received from someone he loves. Maybe he'll even make you a drink too :)

Check out this tray a Siligrams customer recently purchased. Did you know Cuba Libre is another way to say Rum and Coke?



If you're interested in purchasing a uniquely personalized Siligrams ice cube mold, you can do so here:

Siligrams Ice Tray

Best of luck with your gift giving endeavors! Although maybe you won't need it with Siligrams' help ;)